How much does it cost to fill a shelf?

18th March 16

It can be very expensive if you are not using the appropriate resource to do it!!

Leaders are one of the most cherished and expensive resources in every business. How they (and increasingly field leadership) spend their time is becoming more and more important for organisations to understand and clarify, as operating costs are tightened and the importance of delivering great service for customers is increasingly important.

3 key benefits of understanding how leadership time is spent ?

1. You now have the data and can make informed decisions.
Organisations are amazed at how time is actually spent by leaders compared to their expectation. Ask yourself how much time on average does your leadership spend developing and coaching their team versus replenishing and working on the till? Should this be the same by large store and  small store? Probably not, but what should it be? And what about time spent with customers or tackling shrinkage?

Having the data that shows how leaders are spending their time, allows you to review the time spent on the priorities you have set for their role and business.

2. You can clarify role expectations to reduce variance and deliver your brand promises.

Clarifying the expectation of how time is spent by role, and format of store is the building block to create a consistent customer experience across stores and build a leadership team with a clear and consistent vision who are empowered to deliver.

3. Feed in to Organisational Design
If you are looking to restructure, understand how time is currently spent can be invaluable to support evidence based decision making

ReThink can independently capture and quantify how your leaders are spending their time to enable you to help focus your precious leadership resources on driving your  business priorities

If you are interested in an informal chat about understanding how store/field leaders spend their time, and the value this independent insight can bring visit our website or e-mail [email protected]