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If your business is affected by the minimum wage increases and other cost challenges, we can help


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Time & Motion Study
Time & Motion Study
A Time & Motion Study is a method used to establish exactly how long it takes your team to complete certain tasks…
Optimise Labour Budgets
Optimise Labour Budgets
Develop (powered via Quorbit) bottom-up budgets, linked to your unique tasks and times (Labour standards), Support leadership engagement…

Productivity Analysis
Productivity Analysis
Improving productivity should be at the heart of every business, but this is easier said than done…
Workforce Management Consultancy
Workforce Management Consultancy
If you are starting to look for a workforce management solution or are not getting the benefit from your current solution, identifying requirements, or creating a business case…

We’re International!

Working in countries across three continents, the ReThink team has proudly gained an international reputation for improving the productivity and efficiency of businesses. Take a look at where we’ve left our ReThink stamp:

England • Ireland • Northern Ireland •Scotland • Wales • Spain • Romania • Germany •Italy • Poland • Czech Republic • Greece

South Africa

Client Testimonials

Don’t just take our word for it, these people have experienced
our services first-hand!

I had the pleasure to work with Simon earlier this year to complete a project in our retail estate. I found that he took the time to understand what we wanted and terminology we use. This allowed him to come up with options on how the project could be managed within the tight deadlines that we had and deliver the insight that we needed.

Sandy Nicholson

“ReThink showed us that we could make improvements across all of our stores –not just to boost productivity, but to also enhance customer experience.”

Saima Rasul

As Head of Finance I had a business link to the Salary Allocation Model and Productivity work that Simon led within Boots and so we worked very closely together. Simon really understands the retail industry, how it operates and how to drive productivity and efficiency.

Dominic Hegan

“ReThink weren’t afraid to test us to make sure we had the right solutions and options. They worked hard to integrate into our business and we felt like they wanted us to win, together. A thoroughly great team and bunch of individuals – professional, knowledgeable and honest.”

Darsh Chand

“ReThink tailored their approach to exactly match our business needs. Their work
formed a vital part of our project to optimise labour across our Costa stores, and we valued how flexible they were as the project’s scope changed and developed.”

Tony Sanders

“We really valued ReThink’s willingness to share their experience and guide us through a process that was completely new to us. They quickly developed a good understanding of our needs, and suggested positive solutions. We’re looking forward to working together in the future.”

Phil Whittle