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An essential tool to help informed decision-making and align resources

What is it?

A workload model calculates the weekly hours and cost to achieve your revenue targets on a bottom-up basis. It is your costed operation, to achieve your target revenues, deliver your intended customer experience and is matched to your cost budgets.

Unless you have experienced in-house model support, it can be more efficient and cost-effective to lean on us when budgeting time comes round again.

How it can help

You can be sure each of your sites has their fair share of the available hours to meet their targets with reports on how, where and when your salary budgets are allocated along with insightful data on the cost to the business of each task undertaken.

Our support model is there for the time of year when you need to refresh your model and crank it up to support the budget process.

Services it works with

The Packages

Whether you are looking for fresh ideas, like to keep some study days in reserve to draw on them when you need them, or want a solution custom-tailored for you ReThink can help.

Workload ModellingSupportDevelop
Match investment to your priorities with a Model Governance /Steering Group workshop with ReThink1 per year2 per year
Double check your model is working as you intend with a budget run validation workshop – for new models or as part of budgeting
Let ReThink do the hands-on work for budget rounds – removing factors for a clean start, making changes and running budgets5 days per year5 days per year
Model change support5 days per year
Budget Run Support5 days per year
Training sessions on using and running the model
Application of the latest reporting and functionality updates to your Excel model

Productivity Project Management is available on request. Minimum term 12 months. Days can be rolled forward for a maximum of 3 months.


“The relationship we have built with ReThink is invaluable. The ongoing relationship and subscription allows us to continue building on that. Yes, I would definitely recommend the subscription model from ReThink.”

Head of Business Transformation, Southern Co-op

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