Q&A With Matt Newman; ReThink's Productivity Consultant

Q&A With Matt Newman; ReThink’s Productivity Consultant

26th March 24

We think it’s important to show you the faces behind the ReThink brand. Today, we’re focusing on our Productivity Consultant, Matt Newman. We asked Matt these questions so you can get to know more about him and his role at ReThink. 

Matt Newman - Productivity Consultant

Describe your role within the ReThink team

My role as a Productivity Consultant means that I am on-site at a client’s business collecting data – via various work study methods – which is then used by the client to make more informed and successful business decisions. I have recently been given the opportunity to increase my responsibilities and begin working towards a Programme Management role within the organisation, which I am very much looking forward to.

Can you tell us a little about your background?

My working background is within the hospitality sector, predominantly in the fast-food industry, and I have over a decade of managerial experience. I also attended university, studying Business Management and Leadership, and graduated with a First-Class Honours Degree. This was where I realised my passion for helping organisations to find solutions for business improvement.

How can your experience help our clients?

With the vast majority of my experience coming from an industry that is task-based and heavy on processes, I understand the importance for efficiency. I believe that my experience and knowledge can help clients by providing recommendations that will benefit the day-to-day operations of their business by viewing them with a fresh, external pair of eyes; filtering out the unnecessary and providing a way the client can gain wins that shave off valuable time.

What is your favourite part of the job?

There is much I enjoy about my job: travelling across the country (occasionally the world!) and seeing interesting places that I may not otherwise have ever visited. I enjoy gaining a behind-the-scenes look at different organisations and working with my colleagues, but I think my favourite part of the job is delivering insights that lead to organisational change, helping the client to save time and money and improving the working environment of the employees through process improvements.

Tell us about a time when your insight has helped a client

Recently, ReThink worked with a client who believed they were understaffed and the only way to combat the workload was to increase the number of employees working at any given time. With a visit from ReThink, we were able to observe the process and hone in on where time was not being utilised to its maximum potential. Since our visit, the client has changed some of its processes and tasks by removing elements that added no value. The client is now operating with the same staffing levels, can complete tasks more efficiently and, hopefully, the team feel more fulfilled whilst doing so.

To discover how Matt can help your business make more informed and successful decisions to improve productivity, contact us today.