Harness ReThink’s benchmarked work study data and bring new perspectives into your process outputs

What is it?

Benchmarking is stacking up key metrics from your studies with relevant comparators to give insight into your efficiency and improvement opportunities. Measuring up versus the competition has always been a powerful motivator of change and can provide the push needed to challenge the status quo.

Comparisons can show the art of the possible and demonstrate the progress you’ve already made versus your sector. And we can look beyond your own sector and share useful comparisons from other industries and markets when they will create actionable insight.

The ReThink benchmark database harnesses anonymised work study data to bring a new perspective on your study outputs.

How can it help?

  • Want to know how efficient you are at handing out Click & Collect parcels? Taking payment? Making a coffee? Our activity time benchmark can compare your activity time with that of organisations completing a similar task
  • Want to know if you have more value adding time with customers than most? Or spend more time on stock and admin than anyone else? The Efficiency Study comparison data helps you see where your operational focus is versus similar operations
  • Seeing how your metrics stack up helps you quantify the size of shift needed in your operation
  • The external perspective gives valuable insight on where to focus your attention and prioritise efforts
  • Benchmarking has long been used as a management tool to drive a race to be the best

What we do


ReThink have a rich database of anonymised data from Activity Studies that measure process time and Efficiency Studies that look at how teams split their time between different categories of work.


We select comparator organisations and markets that will provide you with a new perspective on your operation. If you are already a top performer in your sector, we can share insights from other sectors to give you a new goal to aim for.


Reported as part of our presentations and available in our ReTime work study data capture app, we understand the value that benchmarking brings.

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Featured Case Study

​​Benchmarking how time is spent for a fast-growing discount retailer helped them see they spent a long time on stock management compared to others in their sector and used the information to create a business case for investment.

A DIY retailer saw how slow their Click & Collect parcel retrieval was versus the ReThink average and realised the size of the opportunity for them with online order volumes set to grow.

A fashion retailer’s work study data on the time taken for payment showed that their slower than average payment times were due to the high proportion of transactions requiring input from a team leader and that looking at authorisation levels for experienced colleagues could speed things up.

What our clients say

General Manager – Heart of England Co-operative

“From our first conversation with Simon we knew ReThink could add value to our business. Both the productivity and role study not only confirmed our thinking but added further insights for us to progress. The whole team have been highly professional and helpful throughout the process and we look forward to continuing our relationship into the future.”