Introducing ReBudget - The Future Of Online Labour Budgeting

Introducing ReBudget – The Future Of Online Labour Budgeting

9th April 24

Control your company’s spending and get your budgets right with ReBudget.

Many businesses already appreciate the benefit of using a bottom-up workload model to fairly assign their top-down salary and hours allocations. 

What does ReBudget offer?

We’ve spoken in the past about how workload modelling can help you understand where resources can be tailored and how budgets can be allocated. ReBudget, the next generation budget model, has many benefits including;

  • Safe, secure, cloud-based model with in-built version control and what-if scenario planning
  • Smart forecasting using AI to more accurately predict workload drivers such as customer numbers, stock volumes and more
  • Automated option to match bottom-up workload and top-down available budget numbers
  • Ability to integrate additional data for enhanced dashboards, such as current sales, volumes, hours and spend
  • Governance support via simple workflows to authorise changes
  • Outputs that link to your scheduling systems

Discover more about ReBudget

Now is a great time for us to review and refresh your model so it is ready to move into ReBudget once the testing is complete. We are pleased that three clients using our current models will soon start Beta testing the new ReBudget model. 

If you think an online model would help you, contact us and let’s talk about the best way to get started.