About us

Our History

Combining over 50 years of cumulative experience working for some of the largest brands in many industries and sectors – such as Vodafone, Boots, KFC, Poundland and Costa Coffee – ReThink understands how businesses can boost their productivity.

In many sectors and markets, we have typically identified 5% operating cost-saving opportunities. Our depth and breadth of experience make us the productivity experts.

Our team

We have many key individuals within the company, all playing their part in ensuring the effective analysis of processes and systems by applying their expert methodologies to improve how you invest your time. Here are some of our specialists…

How we work

We go above and beyond simply providing you with an action plan to improve your business. As a full-service productivity consultancy, we can help you implement changes to ensure you get the best result from that plan. We can help with:

Facilitating workshops

Facilitating workshops that produce your productivity roadmap and associated project plans

Providing specialist support

Providing specialist support for organisational design work

Creating a workload model

Creating a workload model that underpins your operating model and helps you make better-informed decisions about how you invest your salary spend

Undertake process mapping

Undertake process mapping with associated step timings to support your process re-engineering work

Supporting you

Supporting you as you navigate decisions to implement or change your workforce management solution

How do we identify opportunities for improvement?

We listen

We spend time listening so that we understand your business challenges and what you want to achieve

We plan

We propose the mix of study work that we know from experience will surface the insights you need

We measure

The mix of studies goes from team-wide efficiency studies that pinpoint downtime, to deep-dive process studies that can look at each individual movement needed to complete a process

We analyse

Our on-site analysts are always on the lookout for extra ways to improve your processes and share what they spot with you

We benchmark

We compare your results to our industry benchmarks to give you valuable context on your operation

We recommend

The results can identify team-wide changes to reduce downtime. Processes that could be eliminated, automated or sped up and down, to identifying tweaks to workstation set-ups that lead to improvements

We feedback

We also provide analysis of how distinct roles in the business operate, creating insight into how expensive specialist resources can be best deployed, and the degree of overlap between different management levels in the business to support organisational design projects

We report

We provide all this in a report that brings together all the analysis, observations and benchmarking to set out quantified change opportunities, highlighting both quick wins and longer burn opportunities

ReThink Productivity across the globe

We’re proud to have studied across the globe, including the UK, Republic of Ireland, France, Germany, Belgium, Poland, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Romania, China, Hong Kong, USA, Zambia, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Denmark and Czech Republic.