Process Mapping

Visually represent the required steps to complete a task when redesigning your processes

What is it?

Mapping a process creates a visual representation of each step required to complete a task. Widely used in LEAN and Six Sigma work, they create a shared view of a process and highlight process stages that are overly complex or even unnecessary.

How can it help?

  • Process maps are most effective when a time for the stage is plotted against it, as this allows you to focus process re-design where it will have the biggest impact
  • Online process mapping enables “What if” process re-engineering to identify the most promising options before any real-life tests
  • Process maps can also be used to support consistent process compliance across multiple sites. An easy-read visual shared with operators can save pages of description in a how-to guide

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What our clients say

Phil Whittle, Head of Store Operation, Schuh

“We really valued ReThink’s willingness to share their experience and guide us through a process that was completely new to us. They quickly developed a good understanding of our needs, and suggested positive solutions. We’re looking forward to working together in the future.”

Head of Lean Operations, Wickes

“ReThink weren’t afraid to test us to make sure we had the right solutions and options. They worked hard to integrate into our business and we felt like they wanted us to win, together. A thoroughly great team and bunch of individuals – professional, knowledgeable and honest.”