Time and Motion Study

What Is It?

We conduct Time & Motion studies to measure time to complete tasks, so you can make sure you have the right number of colleagues for your workload and can spot process steps to speed up or eliminate.

How can it help?

A Time & Motion Study will review tasks such as till interactions, stock management and food production to accurately calculate how many colleagues you need on a shift and how much time is needed to reach your sales targets.

For example, you’re a retailer employing five colleagues on an eight hour shift, providing 40 hours of working time between them. If it only takes 33 hours to serve your customers and carry out every task - that's 7 extra hours a day totalling to over 2,500 hours per year.

If each hour costs you £10 in wages, that’s a whopping £25,000 you might not need to spend.

What we do


We talk to you and understand your goals and produce a plan to capture the study.

Task Analysis

Qualified work-study analysts to measure each task you want to measure on multiple occasions and in multiple locations.


We then create a robust average time for the overall process and provide times for each process step too.

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Senior Operations Manager, Wilko

“Re-think has supported us for a number of years, helping us understand our true cost to serve and identify further areas of opportunity. Their external experience and support have proved invaluable, helping us make the right decisions which complement our company strategy”