Have You Got Your Copy Of ‘Every Second Counts’?

Have You Got Your Copy Of ‘Every Second Counts’?

9th January 24

Back in September, we launched our book ‘Every Second Counts’. Written by Simon and Sue Hedaux, it is our guide on how to achieve business excellence, transform operational productivity and deliver extraordinary results.

How can ‘Every Second Counts’ help you?

Are you the sort of person who enjoys finding better ways to do things? Does your job require you to find more productive ways of getting things done? Or do you have to find ways to create capacity to explore new business ideas?

If so, ‘Every Second Counts’ will help you answer the key questions you will be asking yourself. We are passionate about using our knowledge and expertise to help businesses become more productive and so we wrote this book as a way to provide useful advice that anyone can access, whenever they need it. 

The topics we cover include:

  • Where is your money really going?
  • How can you serve more customers at peak times?
  • How can you make savings?
  • How do you balance investing in sales and controlling costs?
  • Is your leadership structure right?
  • What can we stop doing to free up our people?
  • You’ve added new services – how can you make them more efficient?
  • How do you find your next set of productivity improvements?
  • Is the projected saving real?
  • How can you budget better?
  • Artificial Intelligence

Praise for ‘Every Second Counts’

This is just some of the amazing feedback we have received for the book.

Whether you are a seasoned executive or just starting the journey in management this book has something for everyone. As someone who has been managing people for 50 plus years, the book reminded me of some fundamentals and indeed made me consider my current processes. Well done on writing a book that is simple, supported by great examples and case studies and will have several nuggets that will improve every business, big or small” 

Nigel Travis, Principal Challenge Consulting LLC  

What a great accessible read, so many ideas and pointers contained in an easily digestible book, Every Second Counts really is a handbook for productivity success for anyone starting out on this business-critical journey. Full of helpful hints, suggestions and ways to get started on driving efficiency in your business, allowing the team to enjoy their work more, serve their customers better and deliver long term financial success for the business

Jason Cotta, CEO, Lagkagehuset | Ole & Steen

This book is invaluable reading for anyone in retail. For a self-confessed non-expert in WFM, but an analyst and commentator on bricks and mortar retailing, I found it fascinating and extremely helpful in unravelling and simplifying the complexities of optimising retail ops processes. Also the structure of the book is easy to understand and navigate, enabling readers to dip into different chapters which are relevant to their immediate needs. An essential bit of a retailer’s toolkit!” 

Diane Wehrle SFIPM, Marketing and Insights Director at MRI Springboard  

In short, sharp, practical chapters, this book distils the essence of productivity in the workplace. Essential reading for those starting out and key reminders for those of us who have been there and done that!

Dulcie Swanston FCIPD, Managing Director Tea Break Training, Executive Coach and Author

If you don’t yet have your copy of ‘Every Second Counts’, get in touch and we will happily send you one.