Efficiency Review

What Is It?

Our efficiency studies are diagnostic tools that make a big difference. We’ve identified thousands of hours for our clients to trim off their processes – creating savings and opportunities to reshape how time is spent.

How can it help?

Our workstudy analysts spend time in your stores making critical observations in order to create an Efficiency Study. They repeat laps every five minutes, noting how your colleagues are spending their time and allocating it to one of three categories:

  • Directly supporting customers
  • Carrying out essential tasks
  • Identifying tasks that don’t add value

We analyse and use our expertise to spot sales opportunities and streamline processes. We’ve spent years in retail and workforce management, so we know just how important it is to understand the context and deliver practical next steps.

What we do

We use benchmarking to see how you rank against industry competitors - from time spent in each of the three categories, to processes like Click & Collect, admin and cash handling.

All of our data is translated into a useful map of footfall with peaks and flows, as well as a roadmap of solutions, based on our observations. From introducing new technologies and equipment to switching to a more efficient shop floor layout. We’ll divide the results into quick wins and longer-term goals, all quantified with predictions of the hours you can potentially save, so you can see which changes will have the biggest pay-off.


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What our clients say

Lagkagehuset / Ole & Steen

Business Development Manager, Lagkagehuset / Ole & steen

“With ReThink’s help, we have become a more data-driven company and operational improvement opportunities have been outlined and communicated throughout the organization. This has helped increase focus and set objective goals.”

How Do We Do It?

business improvement consultants


Use a range of measurement techniques to measure how your team are spending their time.


Quantify how much time is customer facing and how the rest of time is spent in your business.


Benchmark your customer facing and task time versus similar operations.


Analyse the effectiveness and work rate of your operation.


Provide role-specific insight.


Identify and quantify time and cost saving/service reinvestment opportunities.

Client stories

It’s not all about making savings. Here are some of the ways we’ve helped our clients:

  • Increased time servicing customers by reviewing the storeroom layout for a warehouse retailer
  • Simplified store tasks to increase time with customers by 40% for Vodafone
  • Quantified how much quicker it could be to get a Click & Collect parcel in customers’ hands with better parcel storage
  • Helped a quick serve coffee shop fuel 25% more commuters an hour with tweaks to layout and use of automation
  • Captured time to highlight efficiency impact of operating separate trade and retail points for a DIY retailer
  • Streamlined stock movement for a fast-growing variety retailer
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