Efficiency Review

What Is It?

Improving productivity is the key to an agile operation and long term success. Knowing where to start and how to create quantified opportunities for you to prioritise is where we come in. Efficiency Studies are a diagnostic look at how you operate and where your best opportunities lie.

How does it help?

  • How long do you spend with your customers? Quantify How much time is spent with customers versus tasks


  • Identify colleague downtime and slower-paced tasks to highlight quick-win opportunities


  • How do you perform at peak? Review how well resource matches demand


  • How are you performing versus relevant benchmarks?


  • Efficiency Study provides insight to create your productivity roadmap
Productivity Analysis

Client stories

Data for a fast-growing variety retailer showed how much time was spent handling stock to quantify the opportunity to move to more streamlined stock movement

Capturing time spent waiting for customers showed a DIY retailer the efficiency impact of operating separate trade and retail service points

A warehouse style retailer saw the opportunity to increase the time to serve a customer when they saw how the variance in storeroom layout increased walk time for colleagues and waiting time for customers

It’s not all about making savings.

Vodafone measure time spent on task versus customers each year and have streamlined their operation to increase time with customers by 40% by simplifying store tasks and freeing up colleagues

A convenience retailer’s data showed colleagues filled their time with slow paced stock tasks and simplifying the operation created capacity to offer additional services that drive footfall with no increase in colleague numbers

A call centre with specialist teams quantified the benefit in cross training colleagues so those in quieter teams could take calls for busier teams at peak time to improve customer satisfaction scores

In our first eight years we helped 55 brands identify over £110 million pounds of opportunity

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How Do We Do It?

business improvement consultants


Use a range of measurement techniques to measure how your team are spending their time.


Quantify how much time is customer facing and how the rest of time is spent in your business.


Benchmark your customer facing and task time versus similar operations.


Analyse the effectiveness and work rate of your operation.


Provide role-specific insight.


Identify and quantify time and cost saving/service reinvestment opportunities.

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