Collecting Great Data; The ReThink Way

Collecting Great Data; The ReThink Way

12th March 24

At ReThink, we are driven by our purpose to collect great data to surface insights, create better decisions and discover opportunities for positive change.

Here is an insight into how our expert consultants collect data to improve business productivity. 

Collecting Great Data; The ReThink Way

Gold-standard data analysis as standard

  1. We conduct three layers of data checks to ensure the cleanest, most accurate base for analysis:
    • Post capture, the data is reviewed in detail by the analyst who captured it and this is overviewed by the project manager
    • Post study, it is reviewed by a director or insight lead who identifies any remaining anomalies and areas for clarification
  2. The data is then rigorously organised and tabulated. This is done because;
    • It structures the data for analysis and collates key information about the data captured
    • It allows for a more in-depth understanding of performance, such as if a business wants to view operations by the day of the week or by the hour of the day, for example
  3. The data is then presented, with proven visualisations, by a dedicated insights team. Built on years of knowledge, data visualisations highlight the issues that businesses care about and can take action upon
  4. The data benchmarking process contextualises client results against ten years of data from similar businesses and best-in-class operators from all sectors
  5. We then provide a director-led interpretation, contextualisation and a summary (including analyst observations and combination/interpolation of different study types). This distils our experience into your results presentation, and tells the story that will galvanise action in your business
  6. An in-person (either face-to-face or virtual) discussion of findings then takes place, allowing interrogation, exploration and debate around the data, what it means, and what you can actually do
  7. Finally, our follow-up analysis then concludes the story

Platinum-standard data analysis on request

For a further deep dive into your data, we can also offer:

  1. Integration of work study data with external data sources (e.g. sales, resourcing, footfall)
  2. Ad hoc data analysis

Discover how our analysts can apply their expertise to collecting great data for your business, and how this can then help you make positive changes to increase productivity. 

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