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The Benefits

Improve Business Efficiency

Make sure your business is operating as efficiently as possible with our tried and tested productivity services

Gain Critical Insights

We apply a mix of work measurement and analytical techniques to create unique insights to power up your productivity

Exploit New Opportunities

Combine our techniques to fully unlock new business opportunities with a visualised strategic overview

Improve organisational design through workforce planning and business process reengineering…

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Our Services

We understand how you can improve productivity and efficiency, wherever you are on your productivity journey. Whether you need to optimise your operating model, create the capacity to exploit new business opportunities, establish quick wins to reduce your cost base or create a productivity pipeline to underpin your strategy; we have the mix of techniques, benchmarks, expertise and experience to help.

Modern business is multi-channel and complex. We apply a mix of work measurement and analytical techniques to create unique insights to power up your productivity and right size your operation in a fast-changing world. By combining techniques, we provide both a strategic overview of the challenges and opportunities and deep dive detail showing exactly how to unlock your productivity potential.

Modern workstudy techniques are surfacing new productivity insights. Read our whitepaper to learn how


Our Services

Time &
Motion Study

Time & motion tells you exactly how long it takes to complete tasks. Granular detail and benchmarking identify opportunities to simplify and speed up tasks.

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Efficiency reviews capture how your teams spend time compared to your priorities and benchmarked versus your competitors.

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Labour Budgets

We build budget models that reflect your unique operating model and ensure your salary investment matches your priorities.

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Role Study

As the most expensive roles in your business it is important to get the leadership structure right.

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ReThink surface valuable insights from our benchmarking database by comparing your operational metrics with those of your peers.

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Movement Analysis

Shave precious seconds off frequently completed processes by eliminating non-essential movement and optimising.

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Workforce Management

If you are starting to look for a workforce management solution, identifying requirements, or creating a business case, ReThink can help.

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Break down your process into building blocks to enable desktop timing and efficiency analysis in our online tools. 

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Our Data Capture App

ReTime gives you the power to collect your own workstudy data, with built-in analytics and benchmarking.

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Who we work with

Costa Vodaphone Schuh WickesPandora

What our clients say

Project manager,
Costa Coffee

“ReThink tailored their approach to exactly match our business needs. Their work formed a vital part of our project to optimise labour across our Costa stores, and we valued how flexible they were as the project’s scope changed and developed.”

Sandy Nicholson
Operational Manager, Vodafone

“I don’t just see ReThink as a supplier. I see them as a business partner who takes the time to understand what we need and build on the original brief. They’re always on hand for help and advice.”

Phil Whittle
Head of Store Operations, Schuh

“We really valued ReThink’s willingness to share their experience and guide us through a process that was completely new to us. They quickly developed a good understanding of our needs, and suggested positive solutions.”