Our Services

We understand how you can improve productivity and efficiency, wherever you are on your productivity journey. Whether you need to optimise your operating model, create capacity to exploit new business opportunities, establish quick wins to reduce your cost base or create a productivity pipeline to underpin your strategy; we have the mix of techniques, benchmarks, expertise and experience to help.

Time &
Motion Study

A Time & Motion Study is a method used to establish exactly how long it takes your team to complete certain tasks.

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Efficiency reviews capture how your teams spend time compared to your priorities and benchmarked versus your competitors.

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Labour Budgets

We build budget models that reflect your unique operating model and ensure your salary investment matches your priorities.

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Workforce Management

If you are starting to look for a workforce management solution, identifying requirements, or creating a business case, ReThink can help.

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As the most expensive roles in your business it is important to get the leadership structure right.

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Our Data Capture App

ReTime gives you the power to collect your own workstudy data, with built in analytics and benchmarking.

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