Role Study & Organisational Design

Discover how this powerful work study measures how specific job roles spend their time

What is it?

Role Study is a work study technique that measures how specific job roles spend their time. We can quantify opportunities to optimise how roles requiring specialist skills are deployed, including leadership roles.

How can it help?

You can have an effective layout and slick equipment, but if your team structure isn’t right or there are blurred boundaries between responsibilities, colleagues can spend a disproportionate amount of time on things that don’t add value. Using our role study techniques we can provide a clear picture of how responsibilities are differentiated between roles and how consistently the same roles work across different sites

What we do

Role study involves shadowing individuals as they go about their regular work. Studies can be over single shifts to create a Day in a Life view of a role, or shadow for longer Week in a Life analysis to pick up the rhythms and routines of the working week.

Trained analysts shadow individuals, logging how time is spent and highlighting the tasks, systems and ways of working that keep them from spending more time adding value for customers and teams. Roles being studied quickly get used to their shadow being with them and are usually keen to share their suggestions for how the role could be more effective.

We’ve shadowed lots of management roles – both on site and mobile roles such as area managers and sales account managers, plus specialist roles in pharmacies, garden centres and bakeries.

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What our clients say

Transformation Programme Leader, Nobia UK

“ReThink were easy to work with, gave us an evidence base that supported our thinking as well as suggesting additional opportunities to free up more time to spend with our customers.

“The outputs of the studies have been invaluable in assessing our current performance and given clarity for our future transformation strategy.”