Role Study & Organisational Design

What Is It?

Role Study is a workstudy technique that measures how specific job roles spend their time. We can quantify opportunities to optimise how roles requiring specialist skills are deployed, including leadership roles.

How can Role Study help your business?

You can have an effective layout and slick equipment, but if your team structure isn’t right or there are blurred boundaries between responsibilities, colleagues can spend a disproportionate amount of time on things that don’t add value. Using our role study techniques we can provide a clear picture of how responsibilities are differentiated between roles and how consistently the same roles work across different sites

The Results

We work with you to pick a selection of your stores or sites and identify key roles to study. Our expert analysts will discreetly shadow your colleagues for the entirety of their shift. They’ll measure and observe how they’re spending their time and allocate it to one of three categories:

•  Directly supporting customers
•  Carrying out essential tasks
•  Identifying tasks that don’t add value

The data we collect shows how each role measures up, how much role overlap happens, and how they vary across different sites. We will then compare the results with our leadership role benchmarks. Our analysts use this data to add context with anecdotal observations and use their experience to spot potential opportunities.

Client stories

  • Our data pointed a DIY retailer to a leaner leadership structure and created more customer time
  • A role study helped Pandora understand specialist sales roles and how to deploy them to help drive value
  • Role study of reception colleagues at a private hospital group helped them streamline checking in patients and ensure colleagues were available when patients needed them most
  • A B2B consumables seller leveraged role study to understand how Account Managers invest their time to drive sales and identified best practice that could be rolled out across their Account Manager population
  • Role study of middle management in a convenience retailer showed they spend the majority of their time doing things that general assistants can complete – quantifying the opportunity to reduce the overall size of the management team
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