Workload Modelling & Our Specialist, Karen

Workload Modelling & Our Specialist, Karen

28th November 23

With 2024 just around the corner, now is the perfect time to start thinking about the year ahead and budgeting for your business. Do you know precisely how much budget you will need to complete your processes? Or how to distribute your available budget to best reflect workload by team and location, for example?

One of the services we offer at ReThink is a workload and salary model

What is a workload and salary model?

Workload model is the business tool that helps you to achieve the best allocation of available budgets for salary and/or hours to support delivery of your strategy and operating model.

The benefit of knowing how long it takes to complete a process means you can effectively plan a budget for your workload. For instance, if you have carried out research to discover that it takes 10 minutes for one colleague to complete a process, and you know this process must be completed 1,000 times a week, you then know precisely how much workload is required. With this information, you can then multiply this time by the role’s hourly rate, enabling you to calculate the total cost of the process and the budget needed to complete it.

As the time for budgeting draws ever-closer, it can be more efficient and cost-effective to use business productivity consultants to help you with this. Workload models can help you make the best real life decisions with your resources for this year and allow you to create “what if” models so you can quantify the impact of change scenarios too. 

At ReThink, we have our very own specialist in this particular area; Karen.

Meet Karen

Workload Modelling & Our Specialist, Karen

With a passion for workload modelling to drive better deployment decisions and many years of practical experience in creating and applying models in the retail and services sectors, Karen helps our clients develop, maintain and run their business-specific models. Clients appreciate the guidance and practical know-how Karen shares in addition to her model building skills.

It’s great to work with companies who are new to using budget models”, says Karen, “helping them to shape their ideas and producing a model that they can then use to truly understand their business and make more informed decisions. Our subscription service allows me to maintain relationships with my customers and help them through business changes, whether this is simply preparing the model for a new year or helping them understand the impact of change. No two businesses are ever the same and it’s rewarding to offer expertise and to be a part of their journey.” 

Want to know more about how you can achieve the best allocation of your available salary and hours? Download our whitepaper on Workload and Salary Models.

Or for advice that’s tailored to your specific business needs, contact us to speak with Karen.