Improving productivity & performance in hospitality

Our Expertise

We are experts in how to make your operation tick

How we can help

Working with coffee shops, quick-service restaurants through to outlets where all the food is cooked from scratch, and across multiple markets; we are experts in how to make your operation tick. Whether it is shaving seconds off tasks you complete thousands of times a day, freeing up time to increase peak capacity or getting into the nitty gritty of how long it takes to prep every menu item, we can help.

Quantify Efficiency Opportunities

Innovative use of work study measurement combined with on-site observation to surface and measure productivity opportunities

Identify Quick Wins

Analysis combined with deep sector experience means we can implement changes easily that mean you deliver business benefit fast

Bring Additional Context From Benchmarking

Comparison to a relevant benchmark set lets you see how you stack up versus the competition and set achievable targets for change

Our Hospitality Services

We use our hospitality experience to recommend the mix of studies and services best suited to help you improve your productivity. Services we deploy include:

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