How We Use Key Stats To Improve Business Productivity

How We Use Key Stats To Improve Business Productivity

23rd April 24

We collect data every single day. And we use this to understand more about our clients’ operations, identify opportunities to grow sales and align their operating model to better deliver their strategies.

Here are just a few examples of how data collected by our productivity experts is used to help improve operations. 

Client stats

  • It was noted that a high street convenience retailer was spending a significant amount of time providing a human presence in their beer, wine and spirits area to reduce theft. By adopting a mix of physical and technical solutions, we helped this client to free up 10% of team time which could be better spent elsewhere within the business 
  • One business wanted to introduce automation so our productivity consultants carried out measurements before and after this was launched. These pre- and post-measurements indicated that the client had not balanced their resources for the change in operation – their productivity index had in fact dropped by 8 percentage points. Detailed insights helped them rebalance resources to deliver the business case for the automation investment
  • Within a busy food preparation environment, layout is key. After reviewing the operations for a quick-serve restaurant, our productivity experts identified how the client could improve things by considering the detailed layout of their kitchen workstations. As a result, our client was able to prepare each menu item 20% quicker, leading to an increase of their capacity during busy periods
  • One business was concerned that their current channels of communication were preventing Area Managers from spending more time developing their teams and business. After conducting role studies, our data showed a significant 15% of their time was indeed spent on emails, Microsoft Teams chats and WhatsApp messages. Armed with this information, our client is now considering their channels of communication and how these can be streamlined, enabling Area Managers to focus on other areas of the business
  • After reviewing their operations, we were able to help a service-led business move 10 percentage points from back of house tasks, to valuable customer-facing time. Not only does this help to drive sales, it also improves customer satisfaction, creating a better experience overall

ReThink stats

Since ReThink Productivity was first established back in 2011, we have…

  • Measured more than 830,000 processes
  • Identified opportunities that resulted in a saving of over £645m for our clients
  • Worked with 78 brands
  • Worked on site in 38 countries
  • Captured 7 million benchmarking data points
  • Identified productivity opportunities in the following areas:
    • Department stores – savings of £10 million
    • Homeware retailers – savings of £6 million
    • Fashion retailers – savings of £2.5 million
    • Coffee shops – a 25% increase in productivity
    • Warehouses – savings of £4 million

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