What Will You Learn From Our Business Productivity Podcast?

What Will You Learn From Our Business Productivity Podcast?

11th July 23

On 2nd May 2020, during the height of the pandemic, when many of us were discovering new ways to occupy our time, we launched the first episode of our business productivity podcast.

And we’ve never looked back. Hosted by Simon, our podcast is a mix of interviews and specialist co-hosts discussing productivity, efficiency and providing fascinating insights along the way. Featuring expert advice from industry leaders, it’s a great place to discover how to improve the way your business is run.

We have recently celebrated three years of podcasting and are delighted with the feedback we’ve received from our listeners over the years. 

Since that first episode in 2020, we’ve covered a huge range of topics to share knowledge, expertise and insights into how businesses from various industries can become more productive in their everyday operations.

Our podcast series

If a topic is particularly in-depth, or we have more detail we want to share, we create a podcast series. Over the years, this has included:

Top Right Thinking

Top Right Thinking with our guest, Dulcie Swanston

In our latest series, Simon chats with Dulcie Swanston – writer and owner of Top Right Thinking – exploring the science of trust and challenge.


This four-part Customer Experience Series features Simon Fraser and Derek Eccelston from InMoment – one of the leading Experience Improvement (XI) software and solutions providers – who discuss:

  • Inclusive experiences
  • Self-checkout and the move to self-pay
  • Omnichannel
  • Customer experience vs Brand promise

Simplification Stories

Together with co-host, Oliver Banks from OB&Co Ltd, Simon chats and discusses simplification stories with some amazing special guests.


In this three-part series, Simon is joined by the Ceridian team to discuss the future of:

  • Talent
  • WFM
  • Pay


Discussing all things workforce management, the team at Quinyx join Simon for three episodes to discuss:

  • Managing task vs Scheduling
  • How do you drive accurate forecasting and analytics?
  • How to attract and retain staff


In this three-part podcast, Simon is joined by the Rotageek team to discuss:

  • The Rotageek journey
  • The benefits of automating your employee scheduling
  • Should retailers be automating employee scheduling?

Simms & Associates

A three-part series with the team at Simms & Associates about all things Workforce Management Implementation, including:

  • Post implementation support
  • WFM pilot and rollout
  • You have chosen a WFM solution – now what?


The team at WorkJam join Simon for this three-part set of podcasts to chat about how they are reimagining communication and collaboration for the non-desk workforce. They cover:

  • Operations
  • Customer experience
  • Task management

Workforce Management

Our largest podcast series to date, Simon chats with the world’s leading Workforce Management companies, covering trends in the software and the wider business challenges they aim to solve. Topics covered include:

  • Where will you visit on the Metro map?
  • How is automation impacting the customer and store?
  • Is WFM a change or IT-driven project?
  • Driving store performance through AI and machine learning
  • Your data your way
  • UKG: When two cloud software powerhouses become one
  • Re-imagine communication
  • Tech is important but people make the difference
  • Engagement-driven workforce management
  • Has your scheduling kept up to speed?
  • Office productivity and the impact of working from home

What is WFM?

The experts from REPL join Simon in this seven-part series to discuss the component parts of WFM and cover:

  • How does WFM differ across the world?
  • The future of WFM
  • Mobile, reporting and analytics
  • Time and attendance (T&A)
  • Scheduling
  • Budgeting, forecasting and labour demand
  • Labour standards

This is our current podcast list and more to come soon.

Start your podcast journey with ReThink today and discover ways to make your business more productive.