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Listen to the ReThink Productivity Podcast which features the leaders of industry who give you advice on how you could improve how your business is run

Simon Hedaux from ReThink Productivity discusses productivity and efficiency with the ReThink team and a range of partners and clients giving fascinating insight. Since 2011, ReThink has been working with leading retail, hospitality, warehousing and office brands to deliver productivity improvement. It’s a mix of interviews and special co-hosts you’re not going to want to miss. Hit subscribe and get ready to ReThink Productivity for the Best Productivity Podcasts.



Latest Podcasts

Flow Insight

22nd May 2022

Introducing our new service Flow Insight. Knowing precisely how a…
Introducing our new service Flow Insight. Knowing precisely how a customer behaves whilst they are physically within your premises can tell you a lot. The same applies to other team members and stock.

Don’t be a Duck

8th May 2022

James Bolle Captain at PRPSFL is back to give us an update on how Purpose has evolved post lockdown, how there is a clear link to company culture, and why you should never ever be a Duck 🦆


Customer Experience post Covid

24th April 2022

Simon Fraser VP of CX strategy at InMoment talks about the changing landscape of Customer Experience (CX) post Covid, some things have reverted back and others are still evolving


Productivity Insights

4th April 2022

Sue Hedaux Co-Founder at ReThink tells us about how Productivity Studies are much more than data capture and Excel spreadsheets


Bricks & Mortar Retail is the future

28th March 2022

Christine Russo Leading retail industry analyst talks about bringing to bricks & mortar retail what you get online in an affordable and easy way


What Makes You Different?

20th March 2022

Michael LeBlanc Founder & President at M.E. LeBlanc & Company Inc. talks us through the Retail landscape in Canada


Ready To Fight Food Waste?

14th March 2022

Jamie Crummie Co-Founder and Guy Deeks Head of Operations at Too Good To Go, tells us how they are helping to fight food waste