Case Studies

What did we do and how did it help?

We've worked with leading brands across multiple industries and markets to support their business objectives. Whether it's freeing up more time for customers, improving efficiency or right-sizing leadership teams we've provided the measurements, insights, and recommendations to help them achieve their goals.

Costa Coffee

We know building a productive business relies on an understanding of the finer details.

It’s about clocking the seconds spent; spotting the bottlenecks; counting the beans. So when the UK’s favourite coffee shop asked us to take a close look at their organisation, we were able to kick-start improvements in their efficiency.

If you’ve got 3,000 stores and 20,000 employees, how do you make sure you have the right number of people, serving the right number of customers, at the right time?

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In an industry that can change overnight, how do you improve productivity, stay responsive and keep long-term customers happy? For Vodafone, the answer has been more evolution than revolution. Through smart data collection and analysis, we’re constantly helping them identify what’s working and what isn’t, so they can boost store performance and keep moving in the right direction.

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Is it quicker to sell a pair of kids’ shoes or an adult’s? What about men’s compared to women’s? These kinds of questions seem simple, but they can unearth a gold mine of useful information. We helped Schuh budget effectively and shed light on their business.

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When you’re a luxury retailer, customer experience takes on a new level of importance. You have to turn up the charm, and make sure it’s consistent across all your stores. That’s no mean feat when you franchise your brand. We gave Pandora the impartial overview they needed to set store standards, balancing efficiency with first-class customer service.

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Productivity rates aren’t static. In a workplace, seemingly small adjustments can have a big impact, and sometimes things don’t move the way businesses expect. Wickes’ performance data needed refreshing. We didn’t just bring their figures up to date. We sharpened up their systems and showed them how store changes were affecting their customers.

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What Our Clients Say

"I had the pleasure to work with Simon earlier this year to complete a project in our retail estate. I found that he took the time to understand what we wanted and terminology we use. This allowed him to come up with options on how the project could be managed within the tight deadlines that we had and deliver the insight that we needed."

"I don’t just see ReThink as a supplier. I see them as a business partner who takes the time to understand what we need and build on the original brief. They’re always on hand for help and advice."

"We really valued ReThink’s willingness to share their experience and guide us through a process that was completely new to us. They quickly developed a good understanding of our needs, and suggested positive solutions. We’re looking forward to working together in the future."

"ReThink’s help has been vital. Their findings played a key role in our strategy to release more time to serving our customers."

"ReThink were professional and a delight to work with, open to conversation and challenge whilst also supporting us to think differently. We really valued the realistic view they had of retail and its challenges."

"ReThink weren’t afraid to test us to make sure we had the right solutions and options. They worked hard to integrate into our business and we felt like they wanted us to win, together. A thoroughly great team and bunch of individuals – professional, knowledgeable and honest."