Business Process Improvement

A UK Coffee Operator

Imagine the pressure of being counted on by millions of people every single day for that perfect cup of coffee. Imagine the pressure on your business and team to be on top form and ready to serve a superb coffee experience. Every single time.

When the UK coffee operator reached out to our productivity consultants and asked us to review their business processes, we jumped at the chance to help them.

They wanted to know how much time certain tasks and procedures within their day-to-day business took, what could be stripped away to help managers focus on developing their teams and how they could create more time for producing great coffee.

With different store types in many different locations, our coffee client wanted to understand which opportunities and inefficiencies existed within these various store types. They also wanted to know how the newly created delivery service could be improved…

What did we find?

  • Consistent implementation of various kits would help speed up the core task of making hot drinks. Shaving seconds off the process by having everything to hand adds up to a huge difference
  • Paying attention to team movements can reduce fatigue and speed up production time – whether it be understanding the distance for grabbing a toastie and popping it in the grill, turning to reach a bin, or tweaking counter layouts to make it easier to reach a cake, small changes combine to deliver big results
  • Time spent on cashing up and banking was out of line. Addressing this and other admin chores could free up a manager’s time, enabling them to spend longer making a difference within their teams
  • Using technology to help increase capacity – particularly addressing growing customer demand in a tight labour market. Rapid test and learn trials could be useful in assessing the potential to add value and to determine how best to integrate new technology, tools and techniques into the rhythms and routines of the business
  • Operational benchmarking and our innovative quality review of instore leadership conversations showed that they were perfectly positioned to make changes that could propel them from being in the top set of benchmarks, to a clear front runner

How did it help?

Business Process Improvement - A UK Coffee Operator

We helped in several ways. As an industry leader with the insight to appreciate operational consistency and smooth implementation of changes, we set about a plan for our coffee client to follow.

The business set about harnessing their operational experts, combined with innovative leadership, incorporating high performance techniques to drive their business performance and efficiency – all in the service of great coffee for every customer.

How can we help you?

Would you benefit from a business process improvement? We all know we can do things a bit better, but having an actionable plan of where you can make process improvements will save you time, energy and money. It is an investment that will make a huge impact on your bottom line.

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