Gain Regular Productivity Insights With A ReThink Subscription

26th September 22

Wouldn’t it be great if you could have regular input from a productivity expert to help make sure your business is performing at its best? With our subscription service, now you can. 

All industries that focus on continuous improvements can benefit from our Productivity Pipeline Support subscription. In many cases, a business will review their operations, learn lots of really useful information to improve their processes…but after implementation, things may not be revisited for another 3-5 years.

With a subscription, you’ll benefit from “productivity longevity”. We take all of that really useful information and use it to regularly measure and re-measure your processes. Keeping ReThink on a retainer eliminates the need to re-learn this valuable data every few years, stops the need to start from scratch and helps you keep on top of efficiencies.

How could a subscription benefit your business?

    • Regular input and support from our team of productivity experts – We stay involved throughout your operations rather than carrying out an assessment and then having to start from scratch every few years
    • Better for budgeting – Once enlisted, your business will already have budget sign-off, meaning you won’t need to go through the approval process every time you want our involvement
    • We focus on continuous improvement – If you don’t continue to assess your operations or regularly re-measure, how will you know if you’re being successful? Gain Regular Productivity Insights With A ReThink Subscription
    • Different subscription levels to suit different budgets – We work together with you to understand which subscription model would best suit your needs. Choose from Accelerate, Boost or Turbo – each one offering different levels of insight
    • Beneficial in-person walk arounds – Our experts will regularly walk around your store, together with you, discussing your challenges, identifying new productivity opportunities and reviewing competitors
    • Gain confidence in new operations – Thinking of trying a new technology or a new way of working? Take advantage of the subscription model to test things before they are launched throughout your business and sites
    • Justify business cases – We can help validate new business cases by explaining how and why it would help, optimising its value but also identifying potential risks 

As part of your operations, you will use KPIs to measure performance. But with a ReThink subscription, our productivity consultants use years of experience to provide additional insight and check your performance against the competition. Discover how a productivity subscription could make your business excel. Get in touch with our business improvement consultants.