Subscription Models

Optimise change programme ROI and build your future plan or talk to us about a custom plan for your needs

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Productivity Accelerate Boost Turbo
Productivity Roadmap planning and review workshop with ReThink 1 per year 2 per year 4 per year
Access to exclusive ReThink networking events Tick Tick Tick
Store walk to spot new productivity opportunities and review competitors 1 per year 2 per year 4 per year
Benchmarking Update against ReThink dataset (using your last set of study data) Cross Tick Tick
Productivity measurement to measure achieved change, validate business case delivery or track progress in the delivery of your productivity goals Cross 25 onsite days per year plus insight analysis 50 onsite days per year plus insight analysis
Deep Dive Movement Analysis for two processes Cross Cross Tick
Updated productivity roadmap Cross Cross Tick

Do you need a helping hand?

Your workload model is a business tool to help inform your decision making and align your resources

Workload Modelling Support Develop
Match investment to your priorities with a Model Governance /Steering Group workshop with ReThink 1 per year 4 per year
Double check your model is working as you intend with a budget run validation workshop – for new models or as part of budgeting Tick Tick
Let ReThink do the hands-on work for budget rounds – removing factors for a clean start, making changes and running budgets 10 days per year 10 days per year
Model change support Cross 10 days per year
Budget Run Support Cross 10 days per year
Training sessions on using and running the model Cross Cross
Application of the latest reporting and functionality updates to your Excel model Cross Cross

Please contact us for costs.

Productivity Project Management available on request.

Minimum term 12 months. Days can be rolled forward for a maximum of 3 months.