We understand where you can improve
productivity and efficiency.

How do we help you become more efficient?

Let us tell you!

Well as the old saying goes “pennies make pounds”. If you start off saving small amounts, that will eventually lead to significant savings.
Think of it this way. If you could make a cup of coffee 20 seconds quicker than usual, that doesn’t seem much. But what if you’ve got 20,000 colleagues who could all make that same cup 20 seconds faster? When you tot up how many extra cups of coffee they could make per hour, that results in a considerable increase in productivity; and therefore profit.

Now imagine if you could apply this simple yet effective approach to every sector of your business, to intrinsically understand where you can improve productivity and efficiency.
Well, this is where we come in.

How Do We Do It?

By analysing your current processes and systems, ReThink can provide a detailed roadmap of exactly where improvements could be made. Whether that’s refining warehouse processes, speeding up systems and log-ins or analysing the effect of the National Living Wage on profits, we can give you an unbiased and fact based view of your business, backed up with exclusive industry insight and data from the country’s leading retail giants.

Not only does this allow you to quantify where your business sits in the market, more importantly, it tells you how and where you can save time and money.

Time Study

A Time Study is a method used to establish exactly how long it takes your team  to complete certain tasks. You can use the task times to underpin your budgeting and resource planning. And we can benchmark your processes versus similar business to understand where time and cost saving opportunities can be accessed.

How Do We Do It ?

*Observe and time your processes

*Create times for your tasks (Labour standards)

 *Process and analyse your measurements and present the results in a clear and easy to use way

*Use industry benchmarks to provide comparisons for your data and to highlight opportunities for improvement

*Identify and quantify time and cost saving opportunities

 *Guide practical application of labour standards to your business

Efficiency Review

Improving productivity should be at the heart of every business, but this is easier said than done. By spending time with your team, we can conduct efficiency studies to quantify how time is spent by your teams along with quantification of how effectively they work too. We create quantified process improvement reports to identify exactly where processes and ways of working can be changed to improve efficiency.

How Do We Do It?


Use a range of measurement techniques to measure how your team are spending their time.


Quantify how much time is customer facing and how the rest of time is spent in your business.


Benchmark your customer facing and task time versus similar operations.


Analyse the effectiveness and work rate of your operation.


Provide role-specific insight.


Identify and quantify time and cost saving/service reinvestment opportunities.

The Benefits

For example, ReThink can measure how much time your colleagues spend on stock tasks and then benchmark this against other retailers.
If you rank in the top segment, you can focus on improving other areas of the business. If not, we can advise on training or technological solutions to improve your stock process.


If you know exactly how each role spends their time, you can streamline your processes and devise role expectation to create the leanest business model would be.

Providing insights on activity by role and role differentiation; use this study as the evidence basis for structure view/organisational design


If you’re considering opening a new store layout, we can help you validate your design decisons.

For example, You may realise that by simply changing where equipment or tills are positioned you can vastly improve customer flow and service time.

Optimise labour budgets

Optimise service and Labour spend

• Develop bottom-up budgets, linked to your unique tasks and times (Labour standards)
• Support leadership engagement in understanding and realising desired brand experience
• Provide simple, flexible tools (powered via Quorbit) that you can easily understand, own and manage internally

The Benefits

If you know the exact time it takes to complete a process, you can decide where improvements can be made.

If you know precisely how long a process takes, you can build an efficient workload budget.
For example, if it takes 10 minutes for a colleague to complete a process and this process has to be completed 1000 times a week, we can then multiply this by their hourly rate and
use the information to calculate the total cost of the process and the budget needed to
complete it. We can then look at ways to cut the budget and save costs.

If you know staff or supply chain costs are going to
rise, we can help you find the money to fund this. For example, the National Living Wage is due to increase and retailers are going to come under pressure from rising salary costs. If we know exactly how long processes take and who is doing them, we can create a new workload model that allows you to
forecast cost increases to identify the amount you’ll need to find without affecting profits. If you find that you’ll need an extra £10 million, we can then look at ways to reduce this
shortfall by pinpointing areas that can be improved, whether that’s rethinking till processes or reducing surplus staff.

Workforce Management Consultancy

Knowledge that works

If you are starting to look for a workforce management solution, identifying requirements, or creating a business case, ReThink can help you cut through complexity so you can progress your project.

Still Not Sure?
  1. Work to understand your business and unique requirements
  2. Help you ask the right questions and understand the required change management to deliver a successful and timely work force management project
  3. Provide strategic support to create a roadmap for implementation and sustainability

ReThink know the workforce management market and bring experience and understanding of the market, risks, challenges and business benefits for workforce management solutions.

How about a proof of concept efficiency review? For a minimal investment, ReThink will study, analyse, and measure a single store across two days.

We’ll then provide sample reports of data that give a clear insight into your business at that moment in time. They will also show you what the benefits of a full report would be!

 Why not give one of your friendly team a call today to find out more?

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Why not give one of our friendly team a call today to find out more?