Q&A With A ReThink Subscription Client

Q&A With A ReThink Subscription Client

24th October 23

Are you wondering what it’s really like to partner with ReThink? Want to know more about how we can add value to your business?

Having worked with us for two years, we spoke with one of our subscription clients who described their experiences of partnering with us through our subscription service.  

What made you contact ReThink initially?

I was heading up our operations improvement programme, looking at simplification within our retail stores, and I needed to know where to start. I needed to understand where we spent most of our time in-store and which tasks we needed to simplify. 

We reached out to ReThink who conducted a Time and Motion study, looking at how long it takes to complete particular tasks. This provided insightful information which meant I then knew where to focus our attention when we started looking at simplification.

Why do you use ReThink on an ongoing basis?

In a retail environment, things don’t stand still. We’re changing things all the time – such as introducing new services or products – and we need to understand how long it takes to implement these changes. 

Using ReThink’s subscription model provides an ongoing benefit by keeping our knowledge up to date in terms of how long it takes to carry out a task in-store. 

Q&A With A ReThink Subscription Client

We also use ReThink’s services to help us understand and build business cases. For example, if we’re doing something bigger – such as introducing electronic shelf edge labels – ReThink help us understand how long this takes, or what savings we could potentially make, enabling us to build our case and obtain sign-off for larger projects.

Continuing our ongoing relationship with ReThink not only keeps things up to date, but it also helps us build future investment.

Would you recommend ReThink?

Absolutely. I think the work we have done, and the relationship we’ve built with ReThink has been invaluable. Our ongoing relationship allows us to continue building on that – they provide insightful information when important decisions need to be made. So yes, definitely – sign up to ReThink!

We have had the pleasure of working with many amazing businesses over the years, from various industries and sectors. We are passionate about helping companies improve their operations and we’re always delighted to hear such positive feedback from our clients.

If you would like to discover how we can help your company thrive, contact our business improvement consultants today.