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Discover how to help make sure that the experience you deliver to your customers is aligned with your brand values and strategy

What is it?

Customer experience consultancy is designed to help make sure that the experience you deliver to your customers is aligned with your brand values and strategy.

Ultimately it is about aligning your organisation and processes to deliver value for customers and drive business growth.

How can it help?

The essence of great customer experience is delivering value to your customers in a way that fits with your unique brand values and drives revenue for your business. It’s how the world’s leading brands grow.

Our Customer Experience consultancy helps you understand your customer journey and identify the areas that really matter to your customers, and the areas where you have most room for improvement. It enables you to focus on improving efficiency in the areas that add the most value for your customers and, equally importantly, make sure that you don’t spend your time getting more efficient at things that add no value!

We bring over 20 years working with customer experience programmes across a range of industries and proven frameworks and methodologies for understanding customers.

What we do

We start by understanding your brand strategy and the customer experience you want to deliver. Next steps include reviewing the customer experience you currently deliver, identifying friction points and points where you let down your customers. They can also include undertaking new customer journey measurement to bring additional insight to your customer experience improvement efforts.

Work we do can include:

  • Customer experience strategy  development
  • “As is” customer journey mapping
  • Customer journey analysis – leveraging your existing customer experience related data and capturing new data to enhance your decision making 
  • Customer experience programme review and redesign

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CX Case Study

A client knew they wanted to improve an important aspect of their guest journey. They had already tried to make step change improvements and had not achieved the degree of joined up, customer led thinking they wanted to deliver their ambition

A real challenge was how to find time for cross functional working when people already had full day jobs

Bringing in ReThink provided the bandwidth to focus on the required work and we linked with a cross functional in house team to take a deeper dive into the guest journey

Work completed included a detailed mapping of the guest journey that highlighted friction points and opportunities to surprise and delight guests too. Additional research was carried out to unearth a more detailed and nuanced understanding of guest experience at key points of the journey. All leading to creation of an improvement plan