Simon's Story

Combining over 50 years of cumulative experience working for some of the largest brands in many industries and sectors, such as Vodafone, Boots, Siemens and Costa Coffee, ReThink understand how businesses can boost their productivity.

ReThink’s purpose is to recognise opportunities and create insights so that organisations make better decisions to deliver a sustained, positive contribution to customers, colleagues and society.

Since 2011 ReThink have helped clients across many sectors and markets understand more about their operation, identify opportunities to grow sales and align their operating model to better delivery of their strategy.

A longstanding client operating over 400 UK stores uses their annual ReThink analysis to reduce time on tasks and eliminate wasted time from their business. They’ve increased the proportion of time they spend with customers by almost 40%, improving customer experience and supporting their teams in communities across the UK and beyond.


Simon - Co Founder

"My practical know how and hardheaded entrepreneurial approach to business brings a unique perspective to optimising operating costs."

"Productivity and efficiency is about so much more than saving costs. It’s about making conscious decisions on the customer offer and constant review of the operating model to keep it aligned and deliver the business objectives."

Simon heads up business development, strategic partnerships and is the architect of the ReTime data capture and analysis app

Simon's Journey

Co Founder

At the start

From shop floor to Manager to Head Office.

Climbing the ladder

Overseeing the productivity and resource management projects for a large DIY retailer.

A change of scene

Started a Workplace Systems leading a vendor team and implementing Workplace solutions into a variety of organisations and cultures.

At the start

4 year stint for Boots running the productivity department with a focus on cost management for the pharmacy and retail side of the business.

Planning big things

Consultancy for other firms while ideas about ReThink were stirring.

At last!

ReThink launched in 2011 and since then has helped many brands improve their productivity. Simon’s vision and practical approach led to the creation of the ReTime data capture app and innovative online pace rating clinic.