Phil’s Story


"I've collected and analysed work-study data for many years and have experience of identifying productivity improvements in a wide range of industries. And I've worked with ReThink since the business started over 10 years ago. As a programme manager, I'm used to leading our analyst teams to make sure we deliver what the client wants - and hopefully a little bit more.

The fact that we've worked in so many businesses and industries makes us well placed to be able to share ideas and suggestions of how doing things differently would free up time and improve customer experience. Identifying changes that will make a difference for colleague teams and customers is a highlight of my job."

Phil's Journey

Programme Manager


Phil undertook senior leadership roles in a number of manufacturing industries.

New Skills

A work-study qualification extended Phil's experience as he spent time in many different sectors and markets, often as project lead ensuring clients requirements were met.

Joined the team

Phil has worked with ReThink since it was formed and as Programme Manager, Phil leads multiple projects and uses his board experience to spot opportunities for doing things more efficiently.