The Principles Of Lean Methodology & Eight Examples Of Waste

The Principles Of Lean Methodology & Eight Examples Of Waste

12th September 23

Focusing on your customer – and what they value – is a good way to ensure your company gains an advantage over your competitors. A tried and tested way to do this is by using Lean methodology.

The principles of Lean methodology

The Principles Of Lean Methodology & Eight Examples Of Waste

The principles of Lean involve:

  • Putting yourself in your customer’s shoes and identifying what they value most
  • Once established, outline a process map which details precisely how to achieve this value
  • Then set things in motion by taking the necessary steps to create value and make sure these steps flow in tight succession
  • Allow customers to “pull” value from the next upstream activity
  • Repeat the process again and again until you are satisfied that it occurs with no waste

Examples of waste

When we speak of waste in the context of Lean methodology, it can simply be described as something which does not add value. Learning how to recognise areas within your business that identify as waste will help streamline your processes, ultimately improving your overall productivity.

Here are eight examples of waste – process obstacles which prevent a business from providing value to the customer:

  1. Defects – Efforts caused by rework, scrap and incorrect information
  2. Overproduction – Production that is more than needed or before it is needed
  3. Waiting – Wasted time waiting for the next step in a process
  4. Non-utilised talent – Under-using a person’s talent, skills and/or knowledge
  5. Transportation – Unnecessary movements of products and materials
  6. Inventory – Excess products and materials not being processed
  7. Motion – Unnecessary movement by a person, e.g. walking (take a look at our recent piece for more information on how movement in the workplace can be a hidden time waster)
  8. Extra-processing – More work or higher quality than is required by the customer

Our work study services are designed to help companies discover precisely how to improve business efficiency. Ensuring your business is operating as efficiently as possible improves your overall processes, reduces waste and enables you to put the customer first – ultimately increasing productivity and sales.

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