How ReTime Can Solve Your Work Study Measurement Issues

9th February 23

Are you limited by the choice of technology options available in order for you to capture your in-house work study? ReTime is your answer.

What is ReTime?

ReTime is our flexible and accurate work study measurement and analysis app, which has been designed by expert work study analysts.

After realising that we were also restricted by limited choices, our team of productivity experts devised a new app-based technology to make the data capture process easier.

It is extremely versatile as the variety of apps available can be used by any business (across sectors such as retail, warehouses, hospitality and offices) looking to make productivity gains.

What are the benefits of ReTime?

If you’re facing problems such as:

  • Slow data capture
  • Manual data edits
  • Inefficient data analysis
  • High error rates
  • Disorganised spreadsheets
  • No project statistics

…then ReTime can help. As part of the many benefits, ReTime:

  • Speeds up data capture
  • Reduces analysis time
  • Reduces data capture errors
  • Takes notes and photos in-app as you go
  • Improves project visibility
  • Creates project insight reports
  • Standardises data collection
  • Has Android app data capture
  • Allows for simple project setup
  • Syncs new tasks and elements across analysts during studies
  • Allows you to instantly review data captured via live dashboard or Excel export
  • Allows SMV calculations to be completed within the app – just view/export the results
  • Integrates analytics to save you time
  • Includes RAS study benchmarking for your sector

For more information, visit the ReTime website or don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team of productivity experts.