What Is It?

ReTime is the workstudy measurement and analysis app designed by workstudy analysts.

Until now you’ve had a limited choice of technology options to capture your in house Work Study. Our ReThink Work Study experts were restricted to the same choices and got to know the limitations well too. We thought there had to be a way to use new app-based technology to make the data capture process easier. And as productivity experts we knew the process of downloading results, calculating SMVs and creating productivity insights could be made much quicker and smarter, so with feedback from experienced analysts, ReThink created ReTime.

  • Android app data capture
  • Simple project set up
  • Sync new tasks and elements across analysts during studies
  • Capture notes and photographs as you go
  • Instantly review data captured via live dashboard or Excel export
  • SMV calculations completed within the app – just view/export the results
  • Integrated analytics saves you time
  • Includes RAS study benchmarking for your sector
Visit the ReTime website