Work Study

What Is It?

A Work Study is a method used to establish exactly how long it takes your team to complete certain tasks

How does it help?

  • Use the task times to underpin your budgeting and resource planning
  • Benchmark your processes versus similar business to understand where time and cost saving opportunities can be accessed
  • Break your tasks into smaller steps to uncover opportunities to speed up your processes

How do we do it?

  • Observe and time your processes
  • Create times for your tasks (Labour standards)
  • Process and analyse your measurements and present the results in a clear and easy to use way
  • Use industry benchmarks to provide comparisons for your data and to highlight opportunities for improvement
  • Identify and quantify time and cost saving opportunities
  • Guide practical application of labour standards to your business

Client stories

  • A DIY retailer changed their Click and Collect process after benchmarking showed they were off the pace
  • A fashion retailer knew their stock processes were cumbersome and data showed how much effort they could redirect with digitization
  • Franchise businesses like Pandora use measures to help them understand how consistently partners mange their local operations
  • Time to serve customers at Wickes helped them fine tune a new counter service concept
  • Vodafone and a busy fashion retailers both used customer journey timings to optimise their greeter policies and queue management tech
  • Customer journey measurement helped optimise drive thru and new kiosk style service at a quick serve hospitality client
  • Detailed analysis of movement helped a coffee business set up their workstation so they were able to make 25% more coffees an hour
  • Store wide measurement at Schuh sparked a long-term productivity shift

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