Flow Insight

Improve Business Productivity By Revisiting The Old In 2022

What is it?

Flow Insight is a state of the art, observational, research technique that uses pioneering technology to track any form of action and flow in real time.

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How can it help?

Flow Insight allows you to discover how individuals flow and act within any environment, giving you key insights to improve how you flow them around your objectives. 

For example: 

  • What paths do shoppers take? 
  • How do layout changes affect flow patterns? 
  • Average staff/customer interaction times 
  • Where are your bottlenecks? 
  • How long do customers engage with your products?

What we do

How does Flow Insight work? Observers are trained to work discreetly in the background and track individuals. Armed with a micro-dot form and specialist digital Bluetooth pen, a trained observer can track an individual’s movement and action in real-time.

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What our clients say

A Retail Manager, West Midlands

“ReThink’s Flow Insight tool really helped us monitor and track the flow of our customers. With this real-time information, we reconfigured our store. The newly designed flow provided more engagement to our targeted products and increased sales accordingly.”