The gift of independence

20th February 2016

The gift of independent advice should not be underestimated. Getting great advice and insight to drive your business is invaluable, especially when you are considering complex and sometimes high cost products and services. ReThink is a completely independent Productivity and Workforce management Consultancy. Not all Productivity and Workforce Management Consultancies are! Some are only able to represent a single product provider, while others will have a strictly limited ‘panel’ of suppliers they will suggest to you.

As independent experts ReThink, offer you innovative, practical and cost-effective solutions to support you in achieving your business objectives.

ReThink have over 20 years of Productivity and Workforce Management experience across Europe and Asia Pacific, combined with 10 years retail store management and head office experience. ReThink can help you: independently select the right Workforce Management partner to fit your business requirements, help you set up a structured change programme and provide you with a workload and budget model to allow you to get the resource levels right in every store now, and forecast salary requirement for future predicted volumes through your chosen Workforce Management partner.

Working with some of the largest companies across Europe ReThink can bring industry-leading thinking to any business. Services include:

Sarah Chitty, Senior HR Business Partner, Republic said “ReThink not only provided us with a workload-driven wages model but also a significant amount of retail knowledge and experience which benefited the project overall. ReThink integrated well within the team, supported and challenged where needed and were always on hand to assist with any queries or questions.”

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