Flow Insight

22nd May 2022

Introducing our new service Flow Insight. Knowing precisely how a customer behaves whilst they are physically within your premises can tell you a lot. The same applies to other team members and stock. That journey’s path can help answer your biggest question; “Are we delivering on our brand’s promise?

What can Flow Insight tell you?

Using discreet field observers, example questions that can be answered with Flow Insight include:

  • What paths do my shoppers and/or colleagues take?
  • How do the layout changes affect a customer’s flow pattern?
  • Do different types of shoppers navigate stores in different ways?
  • Are customers interacting with my products?
  • How long do they spend in my store and where?
  • Where do they engage with team members?
  • Are customers greeted by a team member on entry?
  • Is interaction initiated by the customer or a team member?
  • What is the average colleague/customer interaction time?
  • Where do bottlenecks occur?
  • Do customers have to queue? And if so, how long for?
  • How do my colleagues move around the store/warehouse?
  • How does stock move around?