Introducing Flow Insight – A Customer Behaviour Analysis Tool

26th May 2022

Knowing precisely how a customer behaves whilst they are physically within your premises can tell you a lot. The same applies to other team members and stock. That journey’s path can help answer your biggest question; “Are we delivering on our brand’s promise?

That’s where Flow Insight comes in. Our newest service is an observational research technique that, in real time, tracks the movements and actions of individual shoppers or colleagues. This data is then overlaid on a store plan, creating comprehensive and insightful visuals to help you further understand the journey.

Please note that, whilst Flow Insight can also be used to track stock and colleagues, in today’s post, we are specifically focusing on how it captures the movements of customers.Introducing Flow Insight - A Customer Behaviour Analysis Tool

Why is customer behaviour analysis important?

We all want to gain more insight when it comes to better understanding how our businesses work, right? Are we delivering on our brand’s promise? Are customers spending their time in key locations? Where are they most engaged? Ultimately, you want to know whether your business is set up to succeed. 

Flow Insight helps you to understand what customers do, versus what they say they do. Once you have this information, it can help you make informed decisions as to your store’s design and layout – ultimately ensuring your customers are fully engaged with your business as soon as they step foot inside. 

What can Flow Insight tell you?

Using discreet field observers, example questions that can be answered with Flow Insight include:

  • What paths do my shoppers and/or colleagues take?
  • How do the layout changes affect a customer’s flow pattern?
  • Do different types of shoppers navigate stores in different ways?
  • Are customers interacting with my products?
  • How long do they spend in my store and where?
  • Where do they engage with team members?
  • Are customers greeted by a team member on entry?
  • Is interaction initiated by the customer or a team member?
  • What is the average colleague/customer interaction time?
  • Where do bottlenecks occur?
  • Do customers have to queue? And if so, how long for?

Why choose Flow Insight to achieve customer behaviour analysis?Introducing Flow Insight - A Customer Behaviour Analysis Tool

Before now, there was no real way to track and visualise a customer’s behaviour other than via human observation. Even then, you would not necessarily have attained the valuable and comprehensive results that are achieved with Flow Insight. 

The latest technology is implemented in our process, including a digi-pen and micro-dot form. These pre-designed tools track individual movements and data is then transferred via Bluetooth to a connected mobile phone. Uploaded to a database instantly, it can then be viewed in real-time, making it ideal for retailers that want an instant snapshot of a customer journey.

This modern approach means it is now possible to literally visualise a customer’s journey. Not only that, it can be filtered to only show the data you are really interested in, such as time of day, customer type etc. These filters are then overlaid on your actual store plan enabling you to see results and make decisions based on that analysis.

This video is an example of the type of tracking output you would obtain via Flow Insight.

If you want to obtain a comprehensive customer behaviour analysis, or track the movements of your colleagues or stock, contact our team to discover how Flow Insight can help your business.