Combining over 50 years cumulative retail experience working for some of the largest brands in the country, such as Vodafone, Boots and Costa Coffee, ReThink understand the operation of running a business from the bottom-up.

ReThink was created back in 2011, by retailers Simon and Sue Hedaux.

After spending many years working in retail and workforce management, the pair realised they could use their experience to help other leadership teams. They found that businesses needed detailed information about the efficiency of their operations and were often not sure how best to utilise the data once they had it.  They also found that although there were plenty of companies able to provide raw data that measured performance, not many could do it all AND provide useful insight into how to use it to drive the productivity and efficiency of business.

From creating a productivity roadmap to implementing new workload budgets, identifying quick wins and improving efficiency on a role by role basis, ReThink has been there and done that and can utilise their wealth of knowledge to help any business understand what’s working, what isn’t and more importantly where they can save time and money.

Read on to find out more about the ReThink journey.

How we became the best!



  • At the start

    From shop floor to Manager to Head Office.

  • Climbing the ladder

    Overseeing productivity and resource management projects for a large DIY retailer.

  • A change of scene

    Started at Workplace Systems leading the vendor team and implementing Workplace solutions into a variety of organisations and cultures.

  • Applying skills

    4 year stint for Boots running the productivity department with a focus on cost management for the pharmacy and retail side of the business.

  • Planning big things

    Consultancy for other firms while ideas about starting Rethink were stirring.

  • At last!

    2011 ReThink was born.


Simon says,

“I’m a retailer at heart, and I’ve spent a lot of time in the business world with people always wanting facts, figures and data – How much does X cost? How long does it take to do Y? But even when they could get the data they wanted, they weren’t always able to affect change.

We developed ReThink, so we could provide clients with expertise and strategic guidance that helps brands understand how their people resources can most effectively deliver their unique brand experience.”

“I’m a retailer at heart, and I’ve spent a lot of time in the business world with people always wanting facts, figures and data."