Simon W’s Story

Simon W

I’ve worked as a retail manager for many years and along with achieving my sales budget, I’ve always a passion for getting jobs done as efficiently as possible.

My years of experience have made it easy for me to spot when individual workstation layouts aren’t optimal or, on a larger scale, that a different layout would help stock management for example.

I’ve built on my practical instincts with specialist training in movement analysis and Method-Times measurement to hone my skills in spotting better ways of doing things and undertake analysis of how individual movements add up to get a task done.

Extra steps or movements that aren’t as easy as possible for a colleague all add up to extra process time and colleague fatigue. The deep dive movement analysis techniques quantify potential time savings that make a big difference and are hard to spot any other way.


Simon W

Project Manager

At the start

Simon has been a retail manager for many years, including in DIY and Pet retail

Joined the team

Joined ReThink team in 2019

New Skills

Simon passed his professional workstudy exams and has since kept his pace rating qualification up to date. Simon is also qualified in pre-determined and movement analysis (MTM) and has put the theory into practice to quantify process improvements in many different sectors