Oli's Story


I’ve always loved sport, especially football, whether that’s playing or watching. I got my coaching qualification as soon as I could and before I trained in workstudy, I spent a couple of years running coaching sessions for children's football teams as my full-time job.

I now apply my coaching skills and experience to help users get up to speed with our ReTime workstudy apps. It’s just like football coaching really, most people get the basics and are up and running quickly. Projects are straightforward to set up and the apps are easy to use, so it’s just a matter of sharing the basics and a few hints and tips that allow ReTime users get the most from the app.

I know the ReTime solution inside and out. I use it when I’m out studying for clients and help shape and test any new developments. I really enjoy helping others get the most from it in their business too.



Assistant Product Manager

At the start

Spent two years coaching budding young footballers after A levels

Joined the team

Joined ReThink team in 2018

New Skills

Oli passed his professional workstudy exams and has since kept his pace rating qualification up to date. Oli is also qualified in pre-determined and movement analysis (MTM). Oli applies his technical know-how to lead the support of the ReTime app