Laila's Story

Combining over 50 years cumulative retail experience working for some of the largest brands in the country, such as Vodafone, Boots and Costa Coffee, ReThink understand the operation of running a business from the bottom-up.

Created back in 2011, ReThink is the brainchild of Simon and Sue Hedaux. After spending many years working in retail and workforce management, the pair spotted a gap in the market. Businesses were caught between strategic targets and operational detail and didn’t know how to harness information on their operation to deliver their goals.

Simon, Sue and the ReThink team know how to combine detailed analysis with efficiency study and benchmarking insights to drive value and create lasting improvements.


"I help by turning study data into actionable insight that business teams can apply to drive improvements for customers and the bottom line."

"Having spent over 15 years providing insights that put shoppers and consumers at the heart of consumer brand strategy and development, I now apply my passion for “digging deeper” to productivity."

Laila's Journey

Associate Director

At the start

From hands on experience in hospitality to a 1st class honours degree from Sheffield.

Climbing the ladder

Market data analysis on leading retail brands for global research company Nielsen.

A change of scene

Senior consumer and market insights manager at PepsiCo for Tropicana, Quaker and Walkers.

A change of scene

Ventured out into the world of freelance insight.

Joined the team

Joined ReThink in 2015.