Organisational Design

How can we help you achieve an effective leadership structure?


As the most expensive roles in your business it is important to get the leadership structure right.

Your brand promise informs what you would like your leaders to do. Have you got the right mix of leadership and colleagues (span of control) to deliver this?  Could you free up more time for customer-facing activity by aligning your management structure with your service proposition, evolving workforce and changing market conditions


How Do We Do It?


We shadow roles across a number of days to quantify how and where time is spent. Typical outputs show where roles overlap and variance of activities across locations and against the job description. This data informs the different leadership roles and number required for your business. ReThink use this analysis to provide options for future operational structures along with implementation and project management support.

This usually results in more customer facing time and potential for cost saving

A Role Study is a method used to establish the activities each role is performing in your business. The Role Study data creates a robust evidence base for organisational design. We can benchmark your organisational design and future options versus similar business, to understand where service reinvestment and/or cost saving opportunities can be accessed.


Use a range of measurement techniques to measure how each role is spending their time.


Quantify how much time is role specific, what overlap there is with other roles and how much time is ineffective.


Review role profiles, job decsriptions and operating model to define best practice.


Understand business rules and policies that drive role cover.


Provide costed orginsational design options.


Project planning with key activites and milestones with optional ReThink Project Management support.