ReThink & UK MTM join forces

11th July 20

As organisations with a shared commitment to MTM and related time study techniques, The UKMTM Association and ReThink Productivity have joined forces to support the professional development of all work-study analysts and industrial engineers

It’s important for every work-study professional to keep their pace rating accurate by completing an annual pace rating clinic. The UK MTM Association have worked with ReThink to create the ReTime online pace rating clinic, completed from the analyst’s own laptop whenever and wherever it suits them. The course can be accessed via The UK MTM association website or directly via the ReTime site

It is our combined Mission Statement that work-study using MTM or a Stopwatch is conducted correctly which we achieve by professional training and support

For more information please contact:
Simon Taylor at UK MTM Association ([email protected])
Simon Hedaux at ReThink Productivity ([email protected])