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ReThink are business improvement consultants - Our Story

Created back in 2011, ReThink is the brainchild of Simon and Sue Hedaux. After spending many years working in retail and workforce management, they recognised that businesses need detailed data and information about their operations yet they were not always sure which data really mattered and then how best to utilise the raw data when they had it.

ReThink - Our Services

As the old saying goes, “pennies make pounds”. If you start off saving small amounts, it will eventually create significant savings.

Our Business improvement consultants provide the following.

Time and Motion Study

We use a range of different studies and techniques to get to the business insights and improvements that are important for you.
A Time Study is a method used to establish exactly how long it takes your team to complete certain tasks. You can use the task times to underpin your budgeting and resource planning. And our Business improvement consultants can benchmark your processes versus similar business to understand where time and cost saving opportunities can be accessed.

Efficiency Review

Our business improvement consultants use a range of different studies and techniques to get to the business insights and improvements that are important for you.
Improving productivity should be at the heart of every business, but this is easier said than done. By our Business improvement consultants spending time with your team, we can conduct efficiency studies to quantify how time is spent by your teams along with quantification of how effectively they work too. We create quantified process improvement reports to identify exactly where processes and ways of working can be changed to improve efficiency.

Optimise Labour Budgets

Optimise your service and labour spend.
Develop bottom-up budgets, linked to your unique tasks and times (Labour standards)
Support leadership engagement in understanding and realising desired brand experience
Provide simple, flexible tools that you can easily understand, own and manage internally

Workforce Management Consultancy

If you are starting to look for a workforce management solution, identifying requirements, or creating a business case, our Business improvement consultants can help you cut through complexity so you can progress your project.

Organisational Design

As the most expensive roles in your business it is important to get the leadership structure right.

Your brand promise informs what you would like your leaders to do. Have you got the right mix of leadership and colleagues (span of control) to deliver this? Could you free up more time for customer-facing activity by aligning your management structure with your service proposition, evolving workforce and changing market conditions.

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business improvement consultants
Efficiency Study and Productivity Analysis

How Do We Do It?

business improvement consultants


Use a range of measurement techniques to measure how your team are spending their time.


Quantify how much time is customer facing and how the rest of time is spent in your business.


Benchmark your customer facing and task time versus similar operations.


Analyse the effectiveness and work rate of your operation.


Provide role-specific insight.


Identify and quantify time and cost saving/service reinvestment opportunities.